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threat to esteban's relationship with the father of a 6-year-old girl with esteban. and. >> this is is a hope to have justice. >> her remains found four months after she disappeared from a parking garage in hayward in may, 2011. prosecutors showed photos of bloodstains found inside of her car and on the floor of the parking garage. the d.a.says esteban's dna and hair were found inside of her car. when images of the skeletal remains were on the screen family family members and friends began to cry. >> how difficult is that for you to watch images on the screen? >> hard. really hard. >> and and this afternoon. the boyfriend of the center of
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this testified in months before li disappeared he recorded phone conversations with michelle esteban who became obsessed with michelle li. we heard a conversation this afternoon recorded just six months before li disappeared. you can hear esteban saying quote, you deserve to die for your lies and so does she z you can take that to your grave. and there is testimony resuming tomorrow. >> albany middle schoolteacher arrested last week on a lewd conduct charge is dead tonight. the sheriff office is investigating the death of teacher as a possible suicide. the 28-year-old sixthth grade teacher arrested on suspension of performing a lewd act with a person under 14. the school district informed parents that he was found dead
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today. >> i know japanese have a high sense of honor your family name. and the whole sense of shame soy just was really worried about him. and also, worried about the situation what was the truth? we don't know. >> he was on administrative leave since arrest last week. >> there is more on a developing story we told but at 4:00 ai. train bound from oakland derailed after a large truck hit think the afternoon. and this is near the scene of a second crash this afternoon where there is a big rig involved a train. the impact pushed some of the four cars off the tracks and
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passenger describe what happened. >> i can feel the train braking hard. i knew we're going to hit something and we did and the girl across from three flew into my lap. >> there is a no injuries appears serious. and two people have been released from the hospital following a shooting sunday afternoon. investigators arrived to find one person shot and two others injured and investigators believe this happened in belmont more than a mile from the site. there investigators aren't sure if this resulted from another dispute. they say the car was targeted. >> and it's hot out there. several bay area cities have inched towards 100 degree mark today. people all over looking for ways to stay cool in the heat.
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and there is a nice shady spot. and san francisco aquatic park there is some jumping in the water though they do d.not have a bathing suit on. >> there are no records but it's been the hottest day of the year so far. highs so far 90 degrees. there is shot knot official highs of the day. there is oakland 92 degrees and there is the 9 so far in napa. 103 degrees in yu kaia. there is relief coming.
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and i'll be back to let you know when that is coming up. >> the coast guard searching for two missing fisherman off the coast. a large wave popped four men into the pacific ocean and this family of the 46-year-old says he knows how to swim and his wife hopes searchers will find him. >> and the men go fishing together every month. the family plans to keep searching the coastline until he is found. >> and the mayor ossie davis says he will not be
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intimidated if an arsonist is responsible for burning his offices. davis says he believes the fire and other acts of vandalism are expected to his role as mayor. he says violence only strengthens his resolve its too bad there are people in this city who attempt to exercise first amendment rights in a violent way. >> there is fbi investigating as an act of domestic terrorism. >> thousands of immigrants may apply for a driver's license, governor brown granting right to drive anyone who qualifying for the new federal work permit program. and advocates say it will take a little time to build the trust. >> i think it's going to take a few months for individuals once receiving their action
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then they'll be applying for licenses. >> california is the first state to ban driver's licenses -- grant driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. >> governor brown vetoed so called domestic workers bill of rights that would have granted overtime to 200,000 nan yeez housekeepers the governor said it left too many questions unanswered including how it would apply to employees including baby-sitters. >> the california state university began accepting applications for the appreciateman class but will not be evaluating them until november and there is a better idea of funding going forward and if not approved it will lose nornl $250 million.
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>> coming up, the trader joe's peanut butter recall expands to several other chains, where, straight ahead. >> then from michael finney tonight shortage of a key ingredient in diapers could soon cost parents more. >> and people living in the coliseum get satisfaction after a loud music event kept them up. the news continues in one minute.
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a big scare over a little misunderstanding when a man was driving to work and wearing a costume that sent police into response mode. we're live. >> there is no question about
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that. this 29-year-old man was on the way to work in this store and so alarmed the public police were called and let's show you why. >> what would you think if you saw someone dressed like this going down the street? he was on his way to work when police stopped him after frightened people called 911. >> i have my work he we're supposed to be wearing costumes to greet customers. and this is a costume i was going to be wearing he was also wearing a pineapple grenade shown here in a photo he posted to his facebook page. and the bomb squad responded. >> this is intimidating to people. someone called to let them know what is going on. >> and he was cited and the manager at the store says he
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was supposed to dress in costume for work but used bad judgment. >> just had poor judgment in wearing as driving so this is pretty funny he got pulled over. >> can you imagine reaction? >> the grenade and a gas mask while drive something yes. they're probably freaked out. >> i would. >> he was supposed to be waving this hand sign to draw customers into the store. he alarmed people and rerned a lesson. >> i knew it's going to attract people's attention but didn't think they're going to go as far as as being worried and calling 911. >> and there is an important warning and that is be careful as you choose your costumes. try to remember some of the weapons can be real looking and it's for the police and public to know whether they're fake, or real. david louie abc 7 news. >> and there is a eleven lugs
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and a bit of relieve tonight.d e fall otin this nghbong to catch sleep ere msi erland. ann a tent and the 6:00 p.m.led and began theonnug util children up incredible. >> i thi the problem is that there is no one notified. >> and the music brought out thousands of calls and po,ntg le call
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li. ucer has been putting on this show since 1993. ther were adjustments made ngugis promiit in planning future events. tearing down the tent today people are still recalling some out of tune memories. >> not that old. i remember going to those things when i was young, it's sad i'm at the age where i'm like this is waking up my children. >> i'm hearing let's countdown 10, 9, 8, i thought when they get to one they're going to quit. but they didn't. it got worse. a spokesperson said that
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justin beeber is performing on saturday only way to hear him is to buy a ticket. >> and there is what was once feared may be used to treat breast cancer. a small pox virus may help treat something called triple negative breast cancer so and this so far worked in mice. the study shows it was able to cause destruction of the tumor. that research presented today at the clinical conference of the american college of surgeons. massive peanut butter recall expanded for the second time starting a week ago with recall of trader joe's creamy salted valencia peanut butter, there have been 30 cases of salmonella sunland added 100 items to t list. and newest include cashew butter tini, and r
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all can be found at trader targ. for alist your cub yard. andads. is a an alarm if you have a baby who uses pers you may want to stock up. >> this could be amey situation worse than stor running out of furbie dolls. there is a potential world de shortage of disposable daughters. a explosion at a japanese over the wreekd. an ingredient used to make popular brands more absorb yachblt however no, run on diapers yet. a check of markets today found there are still plenty on shelf autos and there is a grim analysis says average family will pay thousands of
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dollars in more in taxes in june. the policy center says average house will pay $3500 more per year in taxes if congress doesn't extend tax cuts. temporary cuts put in place since twun are set so-to-expire, all of them in january. that includes income tax and payroll taxes. congress could extend some are all cuts with a decision not expected until after electrics f you're an american express customer you may have money coming to you. the bank will refund $85 million to a quarter million customers because of what the government called deceptive practices. saying the bank charged late fees and discriminated against older consumers. officials said telemarketers promised a $300 reward that actually did not exist. and american express says it
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has cooperated fully with the investigation and correcting violations and the bank agreed to refund customers directly. >> wow. all right. thank you. >> sure. >> and outside today, snokin snoking -- smoking hot. >> there is a look at the forecast in october. >> i know. really. inland areas unseasonally hot today. coastal areas were warmer than average. there is one record to tell you about. there is previous records set back in 1913, 96 degrees. you can see poor air quality there. it's spare the air continuing for today. and once again, is a spare the air day. there is another live picture now from our camera, there is the place to go heading to oak beach there is away from the heat. the heat has extended all the way to the coastline as we had
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a nice flow develop. so there is heat from inland areas to the coastal communities. there is where you'll see that the skies are clear, no sea breeze to speak of. that will cool us off immediately no. fog to speak off so we're in for another hot day. there is this photo sent to us by robin s. to you reports powered by you tube, you can see there is a hot day at ocean beach. people enjoying weather there. good way to sti cal. we're heading into another day of hot weather. right now temperatures are into upper 90s livermore hitting 100 degrees so far. still warm in half moon bay. 82 degrees, san jose, 92 and it's 96 degrees in santa rosa. clear, mild tonight. warm to hot wernl with cooler weather the rest of the week so it's coming that relief if
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you're looking for it. but not immediately. here is a look at water vapor watching this hot air mass that is over us. it's going to sit here for one more day. and we'll see this area of low pressure will work towards the coast and start to see temperatures trending lower beginning wednesday. tomorrow morning fog stayed well off the coastline. heats up quickly. mild to warm start to morning and then going to be another hot one inland. 90s inland and 90 -- 70s near the beaches. hang on to sun screen, wednesday, fog appearing, sea breeze and that will cool you off beginning on wednesday. tomorrow morning mild and inland areas into mid to upper 60s in spots. coastal areas mid to upper 50s, fog getting close, temperatures still hot into south bay. 96 in campbell. there is 92 degrees for palo
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alto. there is a nice warm day again downtown san francisco if you like it that way. 85 degrees, there is north bay we go hot, middle 90s for santa rosa and napa. novato, east bay communities 90s in oakland. there is where you're going feel the heat inland. there is danville, 100 degrees, 80s in monterey. there is the forecast for america's cup tomorrow, practice rounds. 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. winds 10 knots. mid 70s to mid-60s so warm to mild as you'll notice. there is cooling dropping you down thursday friday at the coast and weekend will be cooler down to 78 inland. and what woo you do with 49,000s sndz there is 49,000s
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skpdz all of our face bk friends are eligible. so $49,000 just go to faceboo and then, click win $49,000 button that will take you to the page. we'll announce the winner right here on abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> still head forget overfishing there is another problem that could affect our fish supply. >> then, new at 6:00 vacant buildings being trance formed in san francisco. but they aren't places of wa warship film.
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>> there is breaking news at
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least one building burned along with surrounding grass and brush as you can see. firefighters putting water on that building we do not know at this point if the building started as a brass fire and no word on injuries. crews appear to have it under control soit does not appear it will spread but we'll keep you updated on this fire happening in katadi. >> the size of fish likely to shrink because of global warming. there is a study says green house gas emissions lead to lower levels of oxen in ocean waters and pro predict 600 types of fish will be shrinking and warn they can have a impact on the eco system.
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coming up at 6:00 disturbing news rocking a middle school again.
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a teacher in a sex scandal found dead. also, hollywood sets sights on china. and there are the amazing turn around for a local baseball league that nearly went under. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and there is a more california group wants to bring more fresh foods from or chardz. >> they planted 18 fruit trees at the school. >> one day going from the tree to the lunch plate. and there are project being funded and

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